C--Wednesday of 12th Week of OT

Good Tree Bears Good Fruits

In was born and raised in the city right before and after the Vietnam War was over, I loved to eat fruits. However, living in the city, one would not see a lot of fruit trees than living in the rural areas. Before I left Vietnam to reside in America, one of my tutoring students took me over to his house in a rural town. They had a big land with a few acres with all kinds of trees. Majorities of these trees are Rambutan trees or Hairy Cherry trees and Durian trees. The hairy cherry trees were not so tall that I just raised my hands to grasp them and put them into my mouth. Durian fruits, just ignore the smell, tasted excellent. I had a good time there. When I left, they gave me two bags to bring home with me, one of each of these two fruits.

Perhaps, we all agree that fresh fruits taste different with fruits reserved in the freezer or left it outside for a period of time. When we eat them fresh, they taste juicy and natural. But when we taste the fruits reserved in the freezer or left it outside for a while, they don’t taste juicy and natural any more. Perhaps, as they said, the fresh fruits are much better than the frozen fruits or canned fruits because the processing removes all the nutrients from the fresh fruits.

It is not about canned fruits, frozen fruits, or natural fruits that the Lord Jesus mentions in today’s Gospel when he said, “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a rotten tree bears good fruit.” So, what does he mean tree and fruits in our spiritual life?

Perhaps, the tree, the branches, and the leaves are like going to Church, praying, involving in one or many ministries in the Church, studying Bible, and many other activities one involved in the Church. The fruits might be the love of God for God and for others through good words and good deeds to others, a way of one sacrifices going home after work to enjoy a beer and to watch a game instead of going to Church to help, etc. Have you and I ever seen ourselves as a tree with many branches and green leaves, but it has no fruit? What kind of soil that you and I might use to prune the tree to bear fruits? “Every tree that does not bear good fruit,” the Lord Jesus said, “will be cut down and thrown into the fire.” Are you and I good trees? How would we become a good tree? Decision is yours.


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