Friday of 27th Week of Ordinary C

Whoever is not with Me is Against Me

When Jesus expelled a demon from a mute man, most of the people were amazed. Some said that he used the power of Beelzebul, the prince of demons to drive out the demon. Others tested him to perform a sign from heaven. To these, Jesus responded in today’s Gospel saying, “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.” The Lord Jesus was with them, how could he say that they were not with him? They gathered around him to listen to his teaching and to see his healing power, how could he say that they were scattered away from him?

One day, this eagle said to a hunter to bring down another eagle whom he hated because of his intelligence and ego. The hunter agreed to help this eagle, but he had no arrow. This eagle handed him one of his feathers to make an arrow. With this arrow, the hunter began to shoot the other eagle, but he missed it. Since this eagle really wanted to take the other eagle down out of jealousy, he handed him another feather, then another and another until all his feathers were gone. When all his feathers were gone, he couldn’t fly. The hunter brought him home for a delicious meal.

It was because of the jealousy towards other that one eagle was powerless and lost his identity. It was jealousy that even though Jesus was with them, but some seemed to be far from him. It was jealousy that even though Jesus was with them, but some were scattered. How would we avoid jealousy? How would we experience the presence of God in our lives? How would we be united with the Lord Jesus and not scattered away from him? To answer all these questions and many more, we are invited to humble ourselves to acknowledge the need for God and the need for one another in this walk of life. Decision is yours.


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