Friday of December 20

Mary Responds to God’s Call to be with Christ

December 17, Gospel introduced genealogy of the Savior Jesus Christ, forty-two generations together before the birth of the Savior. December 18, we were introduced Saint Joseph, one of those people in genealogy involved in the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ. December 19, Zechariah, not in the genealogy, was introduced as another face involved in the birth of the Savior. Today, December 20, Mary is introduced to us in today’s Gospel.

Unlike Joseph just did what the angel announced him in the dream to bring Mary into his house with no question to ask, Mary pondered at the words of the angel and at the end concluded saying, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.” Mary did not only firmly say these words, but she lived it. From the moment of conception of her son to the moment that he was on the cross, Mary was always with her son. Either sad or joy, easy or difficult, relax or tired, and either that he was with her or when she lost him in the temple, Mary was always with Jesus in her mind and her soul when he was not physically with her.

Two best friends promised each other that they never see each other again until they found their treasure. After a long time, one of them worked hard and bought a solely diamond in the whole world. He was so happy to come home and waited for his best friend come back with his treasure. His best friend spent time, money and energy to buy books, to attend conferences and to learn from wise and famous people to know who is Jesus Christ, but he wasted his time and his treasure and everything till one day. He was at the pond, he saw a lot of baby ducks and their mother swimming in that pond. He stopped and observed. He saw that the baby birds were swimming all over the place, and the mother duck followed one after another to get them back to the flock. He finally learned that Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, was always with him to try to get him back to the right track, but he was always scattering out of his sight. He came back and told his best friend that he found his treasure who is Christ.

Mary found the treasure of God entrusted to her care that she followed through in good time and in bad, she was always with her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Have you and I ever found Christ in our lives? Through our baptism, we were put on Christ. Have you and I continued to let Christ shine in our lives? Are we with Christ? Christ is always with us, especially through the Eucharist, but have we been with Christ?


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