January 2--Christmas Season--Memorial of Saints Basil the Great & Gregory Nazianzen, Bishops & Doctors of the Church

As A Christian, I’m Called to Be Christ for Others

Saint Basil the Great was born in Asia Minor. Two of his brothers became bishops, and together with his mother and sister are honored as saints. His energy and zeal mitigated the disorders of the Church, and his solid and eloquent words silence

d the heretics. On the death of Eusebius, he was chosen Bishop of Caesarea. He died in 379, and is venerated as a Doctor of the Church.

Saint Gregory Nazianzen was born in Cappadocia in 329 of wealthy parents. His father was bishop of Nazianus and would ordain his son a priest in 361. While in Athens, he developed a close and life-long relationship with Basil of Caesarea as well as studying with the future emperor Julian. Both Saints Basil and Gregory were courageous supports of the divinity of Christ in opposition to the Arian heresy which was rampant.

In celebrating the feast of Saints Basil and Gregory, the Gospel of Matthew was chosen to remind us the teaching of Jesus to his disciples and to each and every one of us saying, “The greatest among you must be your servant.” As Bishops, they used their gifted minds to defend for the Church against the Arians. In Christ, they both taught, there was not only man but divine as well. “As a Christian, I am called on to be another Christ; therefore, I must empty myself of me to make room for him. Woe be it unto me if my brothers and sisters should come looking for Christ, and instead they find only me.” Am I Christ for others? Have I allowed Christ shine through my words and my deeds? As a Christian, am I Christ for others?


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