Monday of 26th Week of Ordinary C--Memory of Saint Jerome

Are You and I Good Fish or Bad Fish?

Today the Church celebrates the feast of Saint Jerome, priest and doctor of the Church. He was born to a rich pagan family. He led a misspent youth. He studied in Rome and became a lawyer. He converted in theory and baptized in 365. After study of theology, he had a true conversion and became a monk. As monk, he lived for years as a hermit in the Syrian deserts. He was a student of Saint Gregory of Nazianzen. Secretary to Pope Damasus I who commissioned him to revise the Latin text of the Bible. He was friend and teacher of some saints such as Paula, Marcella and saint Eustochium. He died of natural causes in 419.

Story told us that Saint Jerome’s baptism was not a true conversion until his study of theology, he then had a true conversion. It seemed that through reading and reflecting the Word of God, one could have a true conversion to live out the Word of God. Reading and reflecting the Word of God requires time. Have you and I had time to read and to reflect on the Word of God? For Jerome, ignore Scripture is ignore Christ. Have you and I ever ignored Christ?

Kingdom of heaven, reported in today’s Gospel, is like a net catching all good and bad fish. Good fish are collected into basket, and bad fish are thrown away. Who would be considered as good fish, and who would be considered as bad fish? Aren’t good fish the ones who listen to the Word of God, reflect it and live it? The bad fish are the ones who ignore the Word of God, aren’t they? Who would you and I be considered ourselves with, the bad fish or good fish? What would we do in order to be good fish? How would we avoid ignorance of Scripture?


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