Monday of 27th Week of OT C--Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary

The Victory of Self

In 1570, the Turkish militaries invaded Europe where majority of people were Catholics. Leading by Ottoman Sultan, a devout Muslim, attacked Lepanto, Italy. Pope Pius V called all Europeans prayed the Rosary for victory to ask Mary for her protection. The Pope himself led the rosary procession in Rome. After about five hours of fighting on the northern edge of the Gulf of Corinth, off Western Greece, the combine navies of the Papal States, Venice and Spain managed to stop the Ottoman navy. Through her intercession, Turkey lost the war. Pope Pius V dedicates this day to honor Our Lady of Victory and now called Our Lady of Rosary.

To recall this history is not about recalling the fight, the war power or anything in that nature, but it is to recall the total trust in the care of the Blessed Virgin Mary through the reciting of the Holy Rosary. This total trust of Pope Pius V towards the Blessed Virgin Mary through reciting the Holy Rosary is familiar to him that he calls the whole Europeans to pray the Rosary for victory.

On this feast of Our Lady of Rosary, the Church chooses the reading from the Gospel of Luke concludes with a famous phrase that we are all familiar with, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.” Once again, the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary are the words of a total trust in the Lord, and at the same time, she acknowledges her “handmaid of the Lord.”

A priest is sitting next to a Buddhist monk on an airplane. He observes that the monk is talking to him while moving his fingers across the beads on his hand. The priest asks him why he's continuously moving those beads on his hand while talking. He then explains that when you hold something in your hand, it would help you focus. So, when we're holding a rosary in our hand to recite the prayer accompanied of this moving of those beads, it would bring us peace and helps us to focus in our prayer.

Have you and I learned to pray the Holy Rosary often? Pope Pius V and many others learned the power of the Holy Rosary, have you and I ever experienced the power of the Rosary? Have you and I ever found peace when we move our fingers along the beads of the Rosary? How would we experience peace and answer for our prayer when we recite the Rosary?


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