Saturday of 27th Week of Ordinary C

Blessed Are Those Who Hear the Word of God and Observe it

A boy, his family just moved and lived next to cemetery, came home from school and saw people cried while buried their loved one in the grave. He immediately copied that. He went home and dug a hole in the backyard. He began to cry like those in the cemetery. His mom saw that and decided to move into another neighborhood.

This neighborhood was near to a busy downtown that traffic was constantly on the move. People drove recklessly and honked their cars all the time. The boy came home each day asking to buy cars so he could play driving recklessly like those driving in downtown. His mom once again was not happy and moved to another neighborhood next to school.

In this neighborhood, children went to school and came home listened to their parents, helped them with house works and did their homework. Mom was happy and sure that this was a perfect home for her son.

One day, the boy left school early to come home and played game. His mom asked why he left the school early, and he said, “School was boring and playing game was more fun, so I decided to come home to play game.” His mom was weaving a fabric, she cut it in the middle and said to the boy, “You left school early just like me cutting this fabric while I’m weaving it.” The boy from this day on learned the lesson and never made his mother upset any more.

Why did I share this story? Each time we have a change of our life either of moving to a new home, new job, new friendship, new relationship, and many more. Each time of change is each time of learning to adopt to a new environment, a new personality, a new way of life, etc. However, in each chapter of our life’s changing, have we experienced the fingers of God mysteriously upon us to protect us to this day? If we haven’t experienced that, why?

The Lord Jesus was present among the people, reported in today’s Gospel, but they didn’t recognize him living among them in the midst of their lives. A woman called out and said to him, “Blessed is the womb that carried you and the breasts at which you nursed.” Jesus, the Word of God, was living among them, but they ignored; others rejected; still others had difficulty to accept. To these, Jesus told them, “Blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it.” The question is: How would we listen to the Word of God and observe it? Learn from our Blessed Virgin Mary, BVM, at the annunciation of an angel, she listened to the Word. She humbled herself to acknowledge her lowliness creature. She reflected on the Word of God, and she lived it faithfully all the way to the foot of the Cross of her Son Jesus. It is a great blessing when we listen and observe the Word of God. Have you and I spent time to listen to the Word of God? Have you and I allowed the Word of God touched our heart to bear fruits? If the Word of God cannot travel from our head to our heart, it cannot bear fruit. And if the Word of God touched our heart, but we don’t have courage and strength to live it, it means nothing. How would you listen to the Word of God and observe it? May the BVM intercede for us to learn to listen to the Word of God and observe it.


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