Thursday of 26th Week of Ordinary C

Carry No Money Bag, No Sack, No Sandals on Journey

The Word of the Lord Jesus today sent out his disciples two by two carried no money bag, no sack, and no sandals reminds me the day that I left Vietnam where I was born and raised for twenty-two years. The day that I left to come to America, my mom bought me a suit and a jacket for winter. Of course, the suit couldn’t fit me after some years living in America, and the jacket was too thick to wear in Texas during winter. The only thing that I have been using now is the belt that my classmates bought for me the day that I departed from Vietnam. When we’ve arrived to America, we were given some used clothes and I loved it. Why did I come to reside in America carried with so little things with me? It’s because my oldest sister told us. Also, America has a better living condition than Vietnam.

When I first went back to Vietnam to visit, in fact, anybody went back to Vietnam to visit family’s members always carried a lot back there. After my Diaconate Ordination, I took my mom with me to Vietnam. We checked in four boxes, 50 pounds each, not counting the carry on. When I was there, my sister took me to go to buy some fabric material. We then stopped at a tailor shop for some clergy clothes made out from this material. They were not too expensive and fitted me nicely in Asian sizes.

Perhaps, coming to reside in a better country, one does not have to carry a lot of things to come in but yourself. As a blessing land sheltering many immigrants, the Lord Jesus sheltered his disciples and sent them out without money bag, no sack, and no sandals. As immigrants depend completely to the generosity and compassion of this country, the disciples of Jesus were asked to depend completely in the Lord Jesus by carrying nothing with them except his sole blessing before he sent them out two by two.

Through our baptism, we are put on Christ to dive ourselves into this earthly life, have you and I still depended on God in this walk of life? Through our baptism, have you and I still lived our baptismal call to be priest, prophet and king? Through our baptism, have you and I still put our faith and trust in the Lord in good time and in bad time? Perhaps, we might have no problem to follow Christ when we received all the blessings and what we need in our lives, but do we still follow Christ when things seem not to come in our ways and we have to face challenge after challenge? A philosopher once said to a king that no one is truly happy when his or her heart still tied to the earthly materials.


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