Thursday of 5th Week of Lent A

Who Is Jesus Christ?

story told that Bishop John Selwyn once encountered a fight among the young men. He approached them and kindly lectured them that one of them struck him on his face and ran. Everybody there was stunned and frozen. Bishop Selwyn turned around and walked away quietly.

Years later, an evangelist priest was asked to come to give the last rite to a dying man. When the patient met the priest, he asked to be baptized. He asked him what name he wanted to take, and the patient said, “John Selwyn.” When he was asked why he chose that name for his baptism, he responded, “I chose John Selwyn because he taught me to know who Jesus Christ is when I struck him on his cheek.”

Just as the young man couldn’t recognize the love of Bishop John Selwyn that he tried to stop them from fighting that he struck him on his face, the Jews couldn’t recognize Jesus Christ as the Son of God and God himself except that he was a son of Mary and Joseph. At the words of Jesus, “Whoever keeps my word will never see death,” the Jews said that he’s possessed since they didn’t believe that he’s greater than their father Abraham. When Jesus told them, “Before Abraham came to be, I AM,” they wanted to stone him to death, but he hid himself and went out of the temple area since his hour had not yet come.

Who is Jesus Christ for you and me? Can he still be our healer, our hero when we pray to him to end this pandemic of coronavirus, but it hasn’t ended yet? Can he be a protector of those who are doctors, nurses, firefighters, and many others putting their lives on the front line to save lives of others facing danger? Is he still the Way, the Truth, and the Life for us to follow especially during this period of pandemic throughout the whole world? Is he still the Prince of Peace to us and the whole world? Who is Jesus Christ for you? Decision is yours.


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