Tuesday of 21st Week of Ordinary C--Memorial of Saint Monica

The Power of Intercessory

Today, the Church celebrates the feast of Saint Monica, the mother of Saint Augustine. She was born in 332. Saint Monica married to Patritius, a pagan whom she had poured out tears and prayers for his conversion. Her prayers were heard, and her husband was converted and baptized a year before his death. Augustine didn’t do much better than his father. He ran to Italy just to escape from the presence of his mother. However, she followed him not only physically but also spiritually that she poured all her heart out in prayer for his conversion. Saint Ambrose witnessed her tears and prayers and encouraged her for it might not be that the child of those tears should perish. Under his influence, Saint Ambrose brought Saint Augustine to his marvelous conversion that turned Monica’s tears and sorrow into joy. At Ostia, on their homeward journey, as Augustine and his mother sat at a window conversing of the life of the blessed, Monica turned to him and said, “Son, there is nothing now I care for in this life. What I shall now do or why I am here, I know not. The one reason I had for wishing to linger in this life a little longer was that I might see you a Catholic Christian before I died. This has God granted me superabundantly in seeing you reject earthly happiness to become His servant. What am I to do here?” A few days afterwards, she had an attack of fever and died in the year of 387. Her tears and prayers became a powerful intercessory both for her husband and her son.

The Gospel the Church chose for this feast reminds us the powerful intercessory of the mother of a dead man and the crowd accompanied her for her son burial. Jesus was moved with pity that he raised her son back to life again by touching the coffin and saying the words.

A powerful intercessory of the crowd and the mother carried her dead son to Jesus that touched his heart that he raised him back to life again, and a powerful intercessory of Saint Monica poured out her tears and prayers that touched the heart of God that he converted and became a great Saint in the life of the Catholic Church. Their fidelity and strong faith in the Lord touched his heart that turned their sorrow and sadness into joy, have we still had strong faith and fidelity in the Lord even though we might be in the midst of struggling with difficulty and challenge of life?


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