Tuesday of 30th Week of Ordinary C

Potentiality to Become Great

In today’s Gospel, a short passage that Luke reported two parables the Lord Jesus taught his disciples. The mustard seed and the yeast, small in size and in measurement, but they all have potentiality to become great. In fact, a small mustard seed planted in a good soil would grow and became a large bush that the birds of the sky could dwell in its branches; while the yeast, in a small amount, would make a whole batch of dough was leavened. The kingdom of God, Jesus said, is just like this small in size and in measurement that has potential to become great.

If our faith is small just like this mustard seed or small amount of yeast, we would bring ourselves into the kingdom of God. The question is: How is our faith? Or rather, have we had faith? How would we demonstrate our faith? Going to Church every day, praying the Rosary every day, and reading the Bible every day, is it enough to say that we have faith? Saying kind words to one another, helping one another at home or in the community, and not criticizing anyone, is it enough to say that we have faith? How would we know that we have faith? We know that we have faith when we spend time in silence to listen to the Lord. We know that we have faith when we find peace in ourselves in the midst of struggle or experiencing any difficulty or challenge of life. We know that we have faith when our family is united.

If your faith is small like the mustard seed or a small amount of yeast, you can bring yourself into heaven. Have you and I had faith? How would you and I know?


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